R.I.P. 116th Ward Assassins

It is over. 15 minutes ago our ward game of assassin ended. You're either alive or dead, but it is finished.

I woke up this morning, studied, ate lunch (yeah...kind of woke up late), and took my biology test. It could've gone better. Guess I should've studied a little more. But I'm not stressing because they still have to add in all the points from the written part and they always adjust the scores. So I'm good. Then I came back to the room and did some homework. Then work. Work was slow enough that I was able to finish my rough draft of my issues paper. That was a huge blessing. Plus Quinn brought me an ice cream cone for dinner. Such a pal. Other than that...work was just normal.

After work I did more homework (I still have so much I could do, but I'm calling it quits for the weekend). Then we played games in the lobby. Carine tried to teach us a new game, but it was kind of slow so we never finished. We were interrupted by some last minute killings in assassin. Greta fought for her life, and won. And then she made a last minute kill, killing Sophie. Ashley tried to kill Austin but he outran her. Such a violent night. I'm going to miss that game.

Okay, this is my problem. On really productive days (like today) I have nothing to blog about. Nothing happened! I just did school work, actual work, and boring stuff. Lameeeeeee.

I have to type real slow right now because Caroline's having an intense conversation with her ex. I don't want my loud typing in the background. Oh ex-lover drama. It's the worst. I hope he doesn't upset her. If he does...I'm going to be very angry with him. I might just have to drive to L.A. and smack him in the face. No one messes with my Car Car.

Hmm...what to write about. I've got nothing. I wonder if thinking about what to write counts as part of my 15 minutes. I feel like it should. It's part of the writing process after all. Yeap, I'm counting it. Goodnight :)


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