Ripped pants

Today was a long day. Oh wait, that's just because it's 2 a.m. and I'm still awake. Dear self, please stay awake for at least 15 minutes so I can finish this blog post.

Woke up this morning, decided it wasn't worth going to breakfast and slept in a bit. Then I had a conference with Carolyn about my writing150 paper (which, to be honest, I haven't even thought of much). Then I grabbed breakfast out of the vending machine and went to bio. Then I came home for a bit and prepared my Sunday school lesson. Then I had an appointment with a TA for my social competence paper. Then I came home and worked on that. Well...

Okay, here's the big announcement for the day. And the reason I couldn't immediately focus my attention on my paper. I really think I might change my major. I think I might want to do something more along the lines of child development. They don't have a specific child development major, so I'd major in family life with an emphasis on human development. I looked into the program today as well as career possibilities and it all looked so appealing. Much more appealing than teaching has been looking lately. But I still have a lot of thinking and praying to do before I make any official decisions. It's scary to switch majors, but I think it might be one of those fears I have to face.

Anyway, after researching that and calling my mom I was able to focus on my paper. I was on a roll. I wrote a little over half, but then worked called and asked if I could do a last minute room tour. The people ended up being late and it took forever, so there went my plan of finishing my paper before dinner. Oh well, there's always tomorrow (or I guess that would be later today...).

Dinner was fun. I don't remember any specifics, but I laughed a lot. That tends to happen a lot at the dinner table. The Cannon is a funny place. And I have hilarious friends. So after a two hour dinner, we all went to Coop's intramural soccer game. The other team never showed, so we left and Meg, Thomas, Sharnell and I ended up going to Budge to play foosball. But Meg accidentally stepped on the that was the end of that, haha. Plus we didn't have paddles so we were using our hands/phones. We tried.

Thomas gave me a piano lesson. Or at least he tried. I learned that majors are 4 away and minors are 3. And you only want to change a little bit at a time to make it sound good. Thomas is really talented, so it was a bit intimidating. He kept turning any 5 notes I picked into really pretty melodies. It was pretty amazing.

After piano, we headed to Hinckley to play games. We played bananagrams for a while and then kemps(?) and then rook. Mom, you will never believe - people play rook different out here. 1's are worth 15 points and they are more than a 14! Crazy, huh? Anyway, I didn't do so hot. Dad would have been disappointed, haha. But we had fun. Unfortunately we got a little carried away and played entirely too long. Although I guess I should just expect that. It happens every Friday night.
Hahahahahaha, I seriously almost ended this post without telling the pants story. It's way too late. My brain isn't functioning. This is the best story of the day. So after dinner I raced Caroline from the Cannon to Hinckley. I don't run often, but when I do I run fast. I like to save up all my energy for those special moments. So I ran really fast. Lightning speed. Bam. Totally won. Totally ripped my jeans in the process. Right on the butt. Yeap, further proof exercise is bad for you. They were one of my favorite pairs of jeans too! But that's okay. They were old and (luckily) I have plenty. Sigh...never race in jeans.

Well, 2:15 a.m. Work in 8 hours! Guess I should get some sleep before then :)


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