What in the world possessed me to stay out so late last night? I must be crazy! I woke up feeling even more sick. It has now gone from "I think I have a cold" to "I have a cold." No doubt about it.

I woke up early (for a Saturday) this morning to go to breakfast, study, and take my bio test. I ate with Easton and Kjersten and then studied for a bit in the Cannon. Then it was time to face the beast. Okay, so the test actually wasn't that bad. I got a 98% on the multiple choice part. On the way home from the testing center I called and talked to Liv and Mom. I found out from Mom that Grandma is anemic. Last time she was anemic she had cancer (evidently that can be a sign). The doctors are running some tests. Prayers are appreciated :)

I tried to get some homework done when I got home, but it's really hard to focus when you're sick. Yuck. Luckily I got a good amount of homework done at work this evening. Speaking of work, I'm pretty sure everyone who came to the desk today thought I was crying. You know how when you're sick your eyes are super sensitive to the light so they water a lot? Well, that kept happening. Quinn made it worse by saying things like "Lisa it's going to be okay" and "You don't have to cry" whenever people would come up the desk. Everyone treated me so gently. Just in case they were actually tears. It was kind of amusing.

Plans for this evening? A hot date. With NyQuil.

See, Mom? I can take care of myself. Soup and drugs. And sleep. Lots of sleep.

Fifteen minutes feels like a really long time tonight...let's see...random stories from my day:
  • the boy exiting the testing center in front of me was REALLY excited about his grade
  • I had to carry a huge tv (it wasn't heavy though, flat screen) all by myself (at work)
  • Quinn asked if he needed to be "my momma" and make me take medicine and go to sleep
  • Quinn also tried to give me relationship (anti-relationship?) advice
  • Dunia told me she wants to marry me
  • I did a lot of research about baby food today (for a paper)
  • Caroline woke up while it was still actually morning
The end. 15 minutes are up. Goodbye blog, hello NyQuil.


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