Silly girl

Sometimes I really wonder what I'm thinking. Yes, you would think I would know what I am thinking, but sometimes I really don't. For example, why wasn't I more productive today? I think in my mind I'm still pulling the sick card. Yes, I'm still a little sick. But not enough to use that as an excuse. jjdhkjghjfdhgf I don't have time for all this goofing off! It must stop. But it won't.

I slept in this morning instead of waking up to do homework before class. Then I went to breakfast with some girls on my floor. I could have woken up early, done homework and eaten breakfast in my room while doing homework. But nope. I couldn't be productive. Even though this week is super busy and I have a midterm I haven't studied for and three major papers to write. Nope, I still couldn't make good use of my morning.

Then after Book of Mormon class I came back to my room to watch devotional. Now, I could say that that wasn't the most productive use of my time, but actually I'm counting that as productive. The devotional was really good. The guy who spoke did something with finances in the athletics department. He talked about his special needs son who died 25 days ago. It was powerful. So no, I won't consider that a waste of time. It was time well spent.

After devotional was child development. We're learning about moral development. I love that class so much that sometimes it makes me think I should switch my major to child development. Anyway, after class I went to the BYU preschool to observe some kiddos for my social competence paper. I felt a little creepy watching the kids from behind the mirror thing where I could see them but they couldn't see me. But creepiness aside, it was so fun! I loved watching them play and listening in on their conversations. I was only able to observe for an hour, so I have to get to go back Thursday and watch some more. Goodness, I love kids. They are hilarious.

Okay, confession. I could've stayed and observed longer. But the kids went outside and I didn't want to follow them. I'll just go back when I can observe them inside. They don't have microphones on the playground anyway so observing out there probably wouldn't have been as beneficial. Yes, excuses. I know.

Let's see...after observations at the pre-school I gave a room tour to 2 boys. They were very immature. But maybe that's just because I'm used to being around boys who do their own laundry. I feel like that can really change a person. Anyway, room tour was successful. No naked boys. Although I did get some funny looks for being on the boy's floor when it wasn't visiting hours. Whatever.

Then I did some homework. And talked to Caroline. She broke my flowers. I taped them. Ghetto. Uh...then dinner. Then homework. Kind of. Only I really don't get how to write my social competence so I only wrote 2 paragraphs. And now I just want to go to bed. So I guess the whole "be productive and get a lot of work done today" was kind of a fail. But it's okay....I'm sick ;)


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