Smarty pants

Oh my goodness! I just looked at the clock. 11:45. I am class at 8! Whyyyyy am I awake? Silly Lisa...

I woke up this morning in time to make it to breakfast with Ashley and Cami. I haven't been to breakfast in forever it seems like. I can never drag myself out of bed in time. But today I did it. Success. A delicious success. Then we all went to Book of Mormon together. Brother Johnson presented yet another amazing lesson full of truth. I really enjoy his class. He's funny, yet serious. It's a delicate balance and he has it down perfectly.

After Book of Mormon class we had our usual Thursday staff meeting. This week is employee appreciation week so we got a free ice cream coupon, a coupon for a free loaf of fresh bread, and candy! We are spoiled rotten. I added my coupons to my stack of "free stuff to claim next year when I don't have a meal plan".The pile keeps growing :)

When our meeting was over, I headed off to child development. Geez I love that class. It's the best. Hands down. Today we were talking about education and how important teachers are. For a second I thought maybe I should stick with el ed, but the thought didn't linger. I'm still feeling human development.

I was going to take my issues paper to the writing center after class. I really was. But then I thought about what they had me do last time. Read my paper out loud. That's mostly all they did. That and say good job. So I opted out of the writing center and went home and read my paper out loud. And silently. I think I read that paper about a million times. I've edited and edited, and now the final product is sitting in a portfolio in my backpack to turn in in the morning. All fingers crossed for a good grade!

Art class this evening was good. I presented my Roy G. Biv poster. Everyone loved it, haha. I fessed up to getting the idea from pinterest. Anyway, I ended up giving my poster to Carrie(sp?) because she loved it and said she would hang it up in her classroom one day. I'm glad it will be put to good use instead of just getting trashed. Best part of art class today? We got out an hour and a half early. WIN. Actually, it was a double win because I was going to have to leave class early because I had an academic banquet to attend.

Meihua and I went to the academic banquet together tonight. There were actually two tonight, but we chose to attend the free one :) We ate some yummy food and made some new friends. The speaker kind of babbled on forever, but it was a fun night.

After the banquet I went to the Cannon to print off the final copy of my paper. Thomas walked by and we ended up staying at the Cannon for hours talking. Kathryn enjoyed us entertaining her while she worked. Other people joined in from time to time. Fernando stopped by. Dunia. Joe. Ryan. Nate. Daniel. Lots of fun people from the 116th Ward. My favorite person who joined in the conversation? The little old man.

Okay, he deserves his own blog post really. The little old man. I forget his name, but he hangs out around the Cannon a lot. He is so cute and absolutely hilarious. We talked to him for a few minutes, and then he started asking Kathryn how to reserve a study room. He said he wanted it for tomorrow night. The smallest one possible. Then he said it was for Thomas and I! Haha, oh but he didn't stop there. He gave us about 10 bijillion ideas of things we could do. Even where we could go on walks. It was a little awkward, but mostly it was just hilariously adorable. He said those are the things he would do if he had a "lady friend". Keep in mind this guy is in his 70s. He's wonderful, even if he does put me in awkward situations.

It's sad to me that just by reading this blog post you will never know how great today was. I guess if I put more time into writing this maybe you would be able to experience my day through my words. But it is late. Well, er...I guess it's early. Dang. I have to wake up in 6 hours. LAME.


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