Something pretty and sweet

Doing homework on a Friday night? Fail. But it was a successful day, so I guess it's okay.

This morning I had writing and bio. On my way to writing this boy (who I had absolutely no idea who he was) said "Hey Lisa!" I looked at him real confused. "Your name is Lisa, right?" - stranger. "Yes..." -me. "You work at the front desk. Mission call." -stranger, whose name happens to be Sam. Oops! I wasn't aware I was supposed to remember the name of every single boy I hand his mission call. My bad. Dan (my least favorite TA) taught biology today since Professor Smith is in Alaska. We talked about evolution, and Dan just got on my nerves. Urgh. In order to not get too angry I decided to only half pay attention. Mostly I just played on Pinterest.

After class, I gave a room tour to an incoming freshman. He was a nice lil puppy. So nice that I even decided to tell him the different sterotypes for the different buildings so that he could decide where he wants to live next year. But I was glad when the room tour was over. I'm still feeling a little sick, so I wanted to go home and get some rest. I was working on some homework in my room when I heard a knock at the door. Guess what I found?

How sweet is that?! I have the best friends ever! Although the note was anonymous, I did some handwriting analysis and discovered it was Megan :) Completely made my day.

Although I was planning on a chill afternoon, I ended up getting called into work for another room tour. Luckily it was a pretty quick one. Then I had a bio review for the test that I should really take in the morning (as in a few hours from already is morning). John (my favorite bio TA) was doing the review, and I whispered an answer to a question, just talking to Greta, and he heard! He pointed out that I had whispered it, but I think it's mostly creepy that he heard my whisper since I was in the back of the room. He must be a good lip reader.

Tonight I was finally feeling like eating a solid meal, so I went to dinner with Megan. Later on Carine joined us. And then Thomas and Michael (Thomas's brother). And Tavin. And Devin. Anyway, dinner was good but everything tastes funny since I'm sick...disappointing. We were going to go to the volleyball game after dinner, but then Thomas and Michael ended up needing to skype their brother on Megan's computer so we just played in the Cannon for most of the night. Quinn attacked me with the stress ball...again. Eventually I had to go get ice cream so I could stay awake (I almost fell asleep laying on the floor in the Cannon). I got some for Quinn while I was there and he was super suprised/happy. Haha, then when I got back I could tell Michael wanted ice cream. I offered to buy him some, but he pretended he didn't want any. So I just bought him some anyway. It ended up being a big frustrating ordeal with Thomas and Michael both trying to stop me, but I won. Duh. And they enjoyed their ice cream. Success.

I forget what we did all night. We were in the Cannon for awhile after ice cream. Then Megan, Thomas, and I played basketball. Well, horse. Well, Lisa. L-I-S-A. I didn't completely stink. In fact, I beat Thomas. But later I learned he was playing with his left hand. Details. It was super cold, and I'm pretty sure my hand went numb. The fireplace in the Cannon felt realllll good after that.

Thomas got bored sitting in the Cannon so we went to go play ping-pong in Budge hall. That was a fail. We ended up sitting in Hinckley lobby talking and being silly. It wasn't a thrilling night, but it was a good night. I like nights like this. But even good days must end. Especially when there's a test in the morning.


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