Tears at the dinner table

Mom, before you freak out about the title: just read the entire post.

Classes. Today was writing and bio. Let me just tell you about bio. Did I blog about the frustrating evolution lesson my TA taught last week while the Professor was gone? Well, today Professor Smith was back. I don't know if he got emails about what the TA said or what, but he decided to basically re-teach evolution today and give his take. He's a skeptic. He doesn't believe in evolution. He said he's sure it fits in somewhere, but he doesn't know where yet and he's just kind of okay with that. One day it will all make sense, so we don't really need to worry about it. Lovely, right? But then Dan (the pro-evolution TA) sent out TWO emails to us today about how regardless of Dr. Smith's personal opinions evolution is a valid scientific theory and blah blah blah. Yes Dan, we get that we need to understand evolution for testing and just general knowledge that everyone should understand. But two emails? Really? And oh course I read them in a rude voice. That probably didn't help my attitude towards those emails. Oh well. I'm over it. Rant complete.

Work. Work today was super busy. Don't worry though, it wasn't busy enough that I forgot to see the wonderful, spectacular moments that always seem to happen while I'm working.
  1. A boy was texting and he walked straight into a wall. (note: this is a bit of an exaggeration, he just ran into the corner of a wall)
  2. Ryan brought me an oreo
  3. Gave Kevin (and some other people, but I didn't know them. except I kind of know the tennis player boy by association) his mission call - Ecuador
  4. Left the desk for a few minutes, came back to a Snickers :)
  5. Rescued J.J.'s keys that slid under a locked door in a chain of events that was truly miraculous.
Yes, I'm sure I could go on. But I know you, Mom, are dying to get to the part about me crying at dinner. So I will stop blabbing about work.

After work I came home (with good intentions of studying) and watched the Kony video about the Invisible Children. I told Megan that I needed to save all of humanity before writing my papers or studying and she said I might as well just drop out of college, haha. Anyway, after watching the heart-breaking Kony video, I studied for my Book of Mormon midterm. Then....dinner.

Dinner. I was planning on a quick dinner, but of course I spent over an hour in the Cannon. Megan and I decided to sit with a girl named Kelsey who is new to our ward this semester. Neither of us know her very well, but hey, why not? Let me just tell you. Kelsey is hilarious. She told us a wonderful story about the boy she likes. Because it's not my story, I'll refrain from blogging it but trust me:funny. Then Kelsey asked Megan and I if we liked anyone. Megan and I both started laughing. And it didn't stop. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Eventually Kelsey had to go to class, so she left us. We continued laughing. Oh that question. The question that should never be asked. That's it, Mom. Haha, tricked ya!

When I eventually left dinner, I did a quick review and then headed off to the testing center. I really considered putting it off until tomorrow, but yesterday was my unproductive day and two unproductive days in a row is simply unacceptable. Brag moment: totally rocked my midterm. I took it in 20 minutes and got an A. Winner. Actually, it was a double win because I finished in time to get to go to Chase's mission call opening. Megan, Greta, and I ventured over to Heritage for the big moment. JAPAN! He is soooo super excited :) Love it!

Well...that's about it for today. Waking up early tomorrow to go back to the BYU preschool.

Being friends with Megan = best ab workout imaginable


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