Upside Down

I lied. I didn't mean to, but I did. In last night's post I said I was going to do homework before bed. I didn't. Instead I got on pinterest. Don't judge me. Sometimes pinterest helps with my homework. For example, I got my idea for my elementary art poster off of pinterest. And it actually turned out well!

Since I didn't do extra homework last night, I woke up early and did some before class. It is extremely hard to wake up when I know I could sleep longer and still get to class on time. But I did it. And it proved to  be the start of a productive day. I did a lottttt of homework today, so I'll be able to focus on my paper for the rest of the week.

Car Car was in the devotional today! She's basically famous. She played with the Philharmonic. She rocked it, of course.  They even did a close up of the harps (it was broadcasted on BYU tv). I was super proud to know her. I feel famous by association.

After classes I went to the temple. I wore a skirt with pockets and walked the whole way to the temple with my hands in my pockets so the little old man at the temple wouldn't worry about my freezing hands. It worked. On the way home I got to talk to mom (which I do basically every week on my way home from the temple). I love my mommy :)

After the temple I did more school work. So much reading. I was going to just grab a burger and eat dinner in my room, but then I ran into Thomas, Mark, and Jesse in the Creamery and ended up eating with them. Then it was back to homework. I took a break to listen to Caroline practice a presentation she has to give. But other than was a day of work.

Don't worry, I still had plenty of moments to enjoy even though today was busy busy:
  1. I opened the cereal box upside down. Box and bad. I didn't even realize it until I went to read the back of the box...
  2. Caroline posted a funny baby video on my facebook
  3. I discovered a yummy new snack - cheese crisps
  4. I talked to my old friends from back home
  5. I remembered how excited I am to eat home-cooked food this summer
  6. There was an exam adjustment in child development that boosted my score
  7. I didn't have to wear a jacket today
I could go on, but I really like the number 7. So I'm stopping there.

I should really write a list of things to blog about as I go throughout the day. I always think "oh I should blog about this" but then I forget when it comes time to blog. OOOOHH!!! I remember one thing. A Provoism. I got on facebook today and the first things on my newsfeed were both people either getting engaged or talking about their wedding. Haha, oh weddings. It's crazy that weddings are already taking over my facebook. Pretty soon it will be babies. CRAZY.

Well, it's about bedtime. Early classes tomorrow. But first I think I'll reward myself for having a productive day. 15 minutes of pinterest. After I sneakily make turn the air down. It's so hot in here! Caroline and I are having a battle. I can't sleep in a hot room and she can't wake up in a cold room. Too bad she fell asleep first *muahhahahah* (evil laugh).


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