Vegetarians are cruel

I'm blogging early tonight in hopes that it will motivate me to go to bed early. We'll see how that works out. Ideally I would blog, watch New Girl, and then go to sleep early and finish my paper in the morning (my productive juice for the day is pretty much gone). But maybe I should force myself to work on my paper tonight...sighhh I don't know.

Classes today were just wonderful. We got assigned groups for our multimodal project in wrtg150. I'm not a huge fan of group projects, but luckily I got put in  a good group. I think we're all willing to put in our fair share of work. I remember in high school group projects always became Lisa projects. That was the worst. But now that I'm in a school filled with over achievers like me I'm hoping that will be different.

Biology today was great. Oh man, I definitely chose the best section ever. Remember how I took that bio test Saturday and didn't do so hot? Well, no worries. I knew they would adjust the score! The test was miskeyed. So that brought my grade up 7.5% plus they still have to add in all the points for the written. And I mean...I already have over 100% in the class so I'm not stressing. But anyway, that's not even what made today's bio class so great. Dr. Smith made some hilarious vegetarian jokes today. We're talking about extinction, so he starts joking about how vegetarians get all mad that we kill animals to eat them, but what about the carrots? They can't even run! Those poor carrots never even had a chance to fight back!  That one made me laugh, but oh no he didn't stop there. And if they're all worried about cruelty why do they cut off reproductive parts and use them as decorations on the dinner table?! That's super cruel! He was talking about flowers there if you didn't catch that. What about fruit? How do they justify eating the womb and throwing away the fetus? Yes, vegetarians are cruel. Haha, gotta love bio100.

I have the best friends ever. I was at work today so I didn't get to eat lunch (I eat before I go in, but I always get hungry before my shift ends). It was still lunch time, 1:30, when I texted Megan asking if we could go to dinner earlyyyy. I love that she was so game for early dinner. We went at 5. Right when they start serving dinner in the Cannon. Caroline was starving too so she joined us. It was fantastic. On the walk home Megan was talking about how excited she is to see her parents in 3 weeks when they come out for her brother's graduation. I looked at her sadly and said "...but then I won't see you for FOUR months". That was the first time it hit her that it was almost summer. We had left dinner early to do homework, but we ended up sitting in the hallway for a very long time discussing freshman year and the changes that are just around the corner. We talked about all the things we'll miss and all the things we're excited for. Greta and Caroline joined in. It was good bonding time.

When we got back to our room, Caroline and I were in a silly mood. I don't even know what happened but I had her laughing so hard she was crying. I tried to kick her out of the room, but that just made her laugh more. I seriously thought she was going to pee on herself. She'd the bestest :)

Now, I think I'm going to edit my paper a little more before bed. Half and half? Compromising with myself. Score.


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