Warm Days and Cold Toes

Oh man, you know it's been a long day when you can't even remember what classes you had in the morning. I literally had to look at my little schedule print out hanging by my desk before I could remember. I think I'm a little sleep deprived. But I'm going to bed early tonight, so hopefully my brain will be functioning better tomorrow.

Anyway, this morning I had writing and bio. We talked about the Kony video in writing150. We discussed the different appeals used in the video - pathos, ethos, and logos. Then we talked about whether or not it is okay to manipulate people's emotions in order to get them to act for a good cause. It was an intersting discussion. We never came to a conclusion as a class, but it was a good debate with lots of differing viewpoints. Then in biology...well, to be honest I don't remember much. That's bio for ya.

Work today was good. Busy. We officially decided to go out to dinner (co-worker party!) on Friday. Yay for eating dinner somewhere other than the Cannon! It should be fun. I don't think anything particularly funny or noteworthy happened today at work. It was just the usual.

After work I started on my biology term paper (due Friday and I'm just starting - yikes!). Then I went to dinner and ate way too much food. But there was yummy pizza, and being my father's daughter I just had to get my fill. Not long after dinner I went to FHE. We played volleyball out on the sand volleyball courts. It was super fun, but my toes were freezing. The sand was super cold and my poor little feet went numb. After an hour of playing, I walked home on frozen feet. I probably looked ridiculous flapping my feet around trying to regain feeling. Don't worry, I took a warm shower and full feeling was restored, haha.

I worked on my paper a little more after FHE (and I do mean a little - I'm barely over a page in) and then I decided my brain was too tired to write tonight. So I watched Once Upon a Time instead. Super intense. Oh man, that was a good one. It made up for last week's semi-lame episode. And now I just want to crawl into bed. So I think I will. Tomorrow I really need to focus on my bio paper, but I think I can do it. Hopefully I can get a really big chunk done tomorrow. That would make the rest of my week so much better, so that's my goal. But for now I must meet a more demanding goal: sleep.

I am thankful for sunshiney weather and restored feeling in my wittle toesies.


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