3 down. 2 to go.

Today does not feel like Saturday. At all. I woke up super early because I had to be at work at 6 this morning! It was good though, because the Cannon is really quiet in the morning so I had a lot of good study time. Plus waking up that early gave me several extra hours of being awake, which (in this case) equaled productivity.

Funny work story of the day: I met this boy named Dexter. Oh how I wish I had a lab with Dexter so that I could be in Dexter's Lab. Dexter's last name is Nye. Like Bill Nye the Science Guy. Of course I pointed this out to him (I'm sure he gets tired of that) and he informed me that his dad's name is Bill! His dad is also a science teacher. But when kid's call him Bill Nye the Science Guy he gives them detention - yikes! Dexter's name just kept getting better. His middle name is Gingery. Dexter has red hair. Dear Dexter, you are my favorite.

After work I went directly to the JSB to take my biology test. Win. Hello A in bio100. I forgot how good it feels to be done with a final, but that feeling motivated me to study for my child development final so that I could knock another one out. I went to the library (two times in one week - this is serious business) and studied. I studied so much for that dang final. I had to take a break to eat lunch before I died of starvation, so I headed over to the Cougareat. Just as I was finishing, Thomas and his brother joined me. It was super funny (in my head, I didn't tell them) because I was thinking this would be my first time to go through an entire meal in the Cougareat without someone sitting with me. I was just about to leave Thomas and his brother to finish studying and take my test when Tim came and sat down, so of course I stayed for a few more minutes. Eventually my urge to be productive won out over socializing and I went back to the library. I read over my notes one last time and went to take my test. I got an A! Which means *drum roll please* hello A in SFL210.

I would have liked to continue to be productive, but my brain just couldn't handle it. I was burnt out. So I came back to my room and started reading A Child Called It. Why do I read books that I know will upset me? I always do that. Ridiculous. Anyway, I read until dinner. Then after dinner I went to my last final of the day - art.

Art for elementary teachers. Sure, I'm not going to be a teacher anymore, but it was still a great class to fill the arts GE! The final was presenting our lesson plan and personal art project. Jethro loved my bubble video so much. He was just overjoyed. It was actually pretty funny how excited he was about it.

He liked my lesson plan a lot too. He even wrote me a nice note on the back :) Too bad I'm not going to be a teacher anymore. But if anyone ever needs to teach a unit about the human body, hit me up. I've got great ideas evidently.

Hello A in VAEDU326.

Three finals down, two to go. I can handle this whole college thing after all.


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