Field Trip

I woke up oober early this morning to go on a field trip with Liv. It ended up being a lot more fun than I imagined. I laughed my butt off watching Livia and her classmates in hamster balls in a pool of water - hilarious! I even got to join in playing laser tag. Free laster tag? WIN. There was this one little girl who kept following me around saying "haha, killed you" over and over and over again. Liv tried to stick up for me, but to avoid a fight I told her to just get away while she still could. The next game I made sure to "kill" the annoying little girl several times, haha I guess I'm still a fourth grader at heart.

This afternoon I got to go to Joe and Kori's house and see Pierson. He has gotten SO big! And their house is BEAUTIFUL!

BEST PART OF THE DAY (warning: this is a brag moment) - I got a full tuition scholarship for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I am SO excited. This is such a blessing.

Life is good.


  1. congrats lisa! that is awesome!! :)

  2. Lisa!!!! I'm so proud of you--but not at all surprised! What a huge blessing that is for you. I'm so glad all of your hard work has paid off. Enjoy being home this summer and give your family hugs from all of us!


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