This morning Megan, Mark, Easton, Jesse and I went to Salt Lake to hear Thomas's farewell talk in his home ward. It was fun to be in a family ward again - so many kids! I miss seeing all the kiddos at church and can't wait to be back in my home ward. Thomas's talk was absolutely wonderful. He bore powerful testimony of the atonement. He is going to be an amazing  missionary.

We left after Sacrament meeting so that we could be back for the last 2 hours of our ward. It was a little super sad because it was our last Sunday as a ward. Sigh...I hate goodbyes. This blog will probably be pretty whiny for the next week. For some reason it is harder to say goodbye to these people I have only known for a few months than it was to move across the country. Okay, actually I know the exact reason. "These people" are my best friends. They have changed my life. This year I have discovered me, and these are the people who have helped me in that process.

Tonight started the goodbyes. I'm not good at this whole "goodbye" thing. It's hard. I still don't think I fully realize how hard it's going to be. People will slowly start to leave for home this week. But I'll still have some people around, so I'll be fine. Then I'll go to Jessica's so I'll be happy to see her. And then I'll go home and be happy to see my family. Then about a month from now, it'll hit. I'm really not looking forward to that. In fact, it's stressing me out quite a bit. More than finals.

BUT, it's worth it. Making the kind of friends I made this year means hard goodbyes but wonderful memories. I wouldn't trade my friends for the world. Heavenly Father has blessed me so much this year. I consider my friends some of my greatest blessings. They are an answer to my prayers.

P.S., if you don't want to read a lot about goodbyes and whining about not seeing my BYU friends all summer (and 2 years for the guys!) then I would avoid my blog for the next week or so.


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