JDawg - CHECK!

I am getting old. How do I know this? Waking up for my 8 o'clock class after working until 12:15 a.m. was just too much. I did it, but it wasn't easy. Ohhh man. I love sleep. I should sleep more. Unfortunately college life does not agree *heavy sigh*

Classes today were good. In writing we talked about website design and then spent the rest of class working on our lovely group website. I think it's going to turn out really well! Bio was the usual. Prof. Smith talked about parachuting cats? Yeah, I don't know either... so don't ask. Gotta love biology.

Work today was super busy. We had several walk-in tours, and TONS of mail. I think every resident in Helaman is getting an Easter package. It was insane. It's kind of funny because when I was putting the packages on the shelves in the mailroom I could just tell some packages were full of candy. They reaked of sugar. Even on super busy days, I love my job. Which is why I'm superrr excited that I'll get to work their next year as well. Such a blessing.

After work I hit the books. I thought I was almost done with schoolwork, and then I reaized I have about a billion projects to do. And a couple quizzes. And reading. Ahhhhhh!!!! I thought I was done. But oh no, there is much to do. It's a little stressful, but I can do it.

I took a study break to go to FHE. We went to JDawgs to eat dinner for our activity. I have been hearing about these infamous jdawgs all year, so I'm glad I finally got one. I feel like it's one of those things every BYU student is expected to do. Sing the fight song, stand in line at the testing center, hike the Y, eat a jdawg. JDawgs are these yummy hot dogs with a special sauce. The sauce is similar to a sweet barbeque sauce. Kind of. It was good, but nothing I think I'll crave. Raising Cane's sauce is still the boss.

After FHE I went to the Creamery and stocked up on all my boxed foods. Haha, that wasn't really the goal, but I ended up leaving with lots of boxes. Reese's Puffs, Waffle Crisps, Banana Nut Granola cereal, and a box of cheese crisps. So many boxes. Haha, but all delicious foods. Easton tried to make me put back my unhealthy cereals; he failed. Sometimes I just need a bowl of sugary goodness to get me through the day.

When I got back from the store I read for child development and thennnn.....I watched Once Upon a Time!!!! I love that show. I'm a bit obsessed. After I watch a new episode each Monday I go crazy trying to analyze it. A few parts were especially bothering me tonight (such as Catherine's reappearance), but Zack joined me in my analysis and had some good theories. I guess I'll make it another week before I get my questions answered.

Well, back to the homework dungeon. Haha, actually not really. The real homework dungeon is the library and I tend to avoid that place like the plague. I think I'll just do some reading from the comfort of my bed until I fall asleep. I like that better.


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