Later = Never

Goodbyes are in full swing. Everytime someone says "see ya later!" I know they secretly mean "see ya never." It's sad, but I've stopped being sad at the goodbyes. If I was sad everytime I told someone goodbye I would not be emotionally stable right now. So I've picked a select few people to be upset about. So far, my plan is working.

I guess I should tell you a little about yesterday since I didn't blog (it was after 2 a.m. and I was just too tired). I went to breakfast with Megan and Greta. Then we went to the temple with Easton. Then I went to the bookstore with Megan and Greta. Then lunch in the Cougareat. Then...I forget. Maybe that's when I did laundry? Packed? I forget. Uhhh...that night we went to dinner. And later Megan and I walked to the library with some boy. He knew me, but I don't remember meeting him at all. Then we got ice cream. Then we ditched the boy and went on another Megan and Lisa walk.

Megan and Lisa walks are my new favorite tradition. For three nights in a row, Megan and I went on 2 hour walks. At rape hill. But I'm pretty sure that name is just a joke. It's a really pretty area, so it's not scary or anything. I wish Megan was in Provo so we could go on another walk :( I'm going to miss are nightly talks.

When we got back from our walk, we sat in the lobby until 2 a.m. talking to some of our girls friends. I am going to miss my freshman year friends.

Today was full of cleaning and packing. Lots of cleaning and packing. It was an all day project. But I'm done. Technically, I'm checked out. So I'm kind of homeless (in Provo, I have a home in Louisiana).  I got some space bags, and they made packing a little more fun and exciting. Those things are serious space savers. I am so tired. Cleaning takes it out of you. Goodnight.


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