THIS IS NOT A JOKE: I really am in the library right now. And no, nothing is wrong. I'm not sick or dying or anything. I am here by choice. Shocker, huh? Don't worry, writing this blog post is the closest I've gotten to doing homework since I've gotten here.

Today was my very last day of classes for this semester. Definitely bittersweet. I don't mind being done with classes, but knowing this year is almost over is really sad. I love BYU. I love my friends here. I love my life here. I don't want to put it on pause for 4 months. But I'm also excited to spend the summer at home. As much as I love it here, I do miss my family. It'll be good to spend time with them. Especially since this is quite possibly the last time I will live at home.

I was texting my big brother, Josh, while I was in biology today (why start paying attention on the last day?). He told me that he is now a certified interrogator. I was joking with him about scaring all the boys away once they knew my big brother was so scary, but then Josh sent me a text that absolutely made my day.

Awe :) I love my big brother.

Funny work story of the day: Quinn was at the desk telling me a story and when he left a guy came up to buy stamps or something (I can't remember exactly what he needed) but he asked if Quinn was my boyfriends. I laughed and said no. The boy said "he's cuteeee" in a why-not-you-should-go-for-it kind of way. I laughed even harder and said no. Of course when the boy left I made Quinn come back so I could tell him the story. His response? Why didn't you tell him I was your boyfriend? don't think I'm cute? Sure Quinn, you're cute. Then Quinn decided to announce to the entire Cannon Center that we're dating. False. We are not. But I'm sure there are residents at Helaman who believe we truly are dating since Quinn tends to make that announcement quite often at work.

After work I went to the Creamery Outlet store. I wish I would have discovered it earlier. My meal plan money works there and they have a lot more options than the Creamery in Helaman. Oh well, at least I get a week of its benefits. Yay for baked chips!

I went to dinner with the girls tonight and then finished watching the Emma Smith movie. So good. Then I went to Cooper's intramural soccer game. It was the championship game...but they lost. And now I'm at the library. Watching tv, blogging, pinterest, talking, just about everything but studying.

So why am I at the library you ask? Evidently it's fun to be at the library at close, and since I don't have classes in the morning I'm trying it. I can almost guarantee this is a one time thing. The only bad news is the library currently has extended hours for finals so it looks like I'm going to here until 2 a.m. Funnnnnnnnn. I think it's about time to make a snack run and find a vending machine. 


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