Saturday Nights

I love the weekend. I love putting the homework away at night and hanging out with friends. Tonight was my second to last Saturday of freshmen year. And it was kind of like my last since next Saturday night I have a scheduled final until 10 p.m. Sigh...sad.

I worked the morning shift today (10:30-3:30) and there was a ton of mail. I stayed really busy, but I liked doing the mail because in the mountains of packages I found one just for me :) My mom always sends me the best packages. This package was particularly great: bright pink shoes, a peeps shirt, quality chocolate, and my magazine. I wore my peeps shirt today since peeps are an Easter treat, thus the peeps shirt is an Easter shirt.

After work I went to the Creamery to get Easter basket supplies. Caroline and I decided to make each other Easter baskets and I made small ones for Megan and Greta as well. They are fantastic. I hope they love them! I took pictures, but I don't want to post them until tomorrow. Just trust me. They are wonderful. Or at least I think so.

This afternoon we had a birthday party for all the girls on my floor. We all pretended it was our birthday and got a big cake and balloons. We had a blast! We played kiss, marry, kill and would you rather. So much fun. I am truly blessed to live with so many amazing girls.

Caroline and I left the party to go to dinner. Carine and Greta joined us. Megan showed up fashionably late. Oh, and Cami and Mary came. And Cooper and Connor. And Thomas. And Jesse and Mitch. And Devin. Wow, we go through a lot of people at dinner. I guess we were in there for a couple hours...

When we left dinner Thomas tried to leave to go do homework, but then he let it slip that the homework wasn't due until Tuesday. It took a little coaxing, but he decided to hang out with us. We were going to dye Easter eggs, but the Creamery was out of eggs. So we walked over to the Creamery Outlet, but it was closed. So we went to the Creamery on 9th and finally got our eggs. After 45 minutes of egg hunting we didn't really have time to dye eggs (boys can only be in the basement until 10). We decided we'll just dye eggs tomorrow. Megan and Thomas made hollow eggs by making a small hole and sucking out the egg and spitting it into the trashcan - gag me! It was DISGUSTING. But the finished product was pretty cool.

Because I have amazing friends, they helped me do homework on a Saturday night. Bubble project! We attempted glow-in-the-dark bubbles.

It looked really glowy in the container, but the bubbles themselves didn't look too glowy. They didn't even show up when I tried to video it, but when I took pictures the flash picked up on the colors. It was actually pretty cool.

Thomas was getting really excited about blowing bubbles and decided he was going to blow bubbles and make them stick on the tree like Christmas ornaments. I was a bit suprised, but it actually worked.

When we got bored with the bubbles we tried to fill a hollow egg with glow stick, but it didn't really work. In case you wondered, glow stick insides smell bad. Just FYI.

The rest of the night was spent just hanging out in the lobby talking. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. Tonight was a good night. Nothing particularly spectacular happened, but I loved tonight. I love that a normal Saturday night feels like the best night ever just because I have the best friends ever. Finals are coming up and they're going to try to ruin my mood, but they won't succeed. Come at me finals. I'll show you what's up.

There is nothing like a Saturday night in Provo. Except maybe a Friday night in Provo.


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