Sky Friends

I have the gift of gab. I talk. A lot. There's no denying that. But I thought today's plane rides would be quiet and thoughtful. I thought that I might finally break down and be sad about leaving Utah. But oh no, of course not. Instead I made friends.

  1. Salt Lake to Albuquerque - On the way to Albuquerque I sat next to Doug and Cheryl. We got to know each other quite well over the course of our flight. Even when I finally put my headphones on to listen to music, Doug tapped me so I ended up turning off the music and talking a bit more. I know where they live, where they golf, and all sorts of fun facts - like the fact that their hairspray was confinscated because it was too large to be a carry on, but you can bring plastic knives onto the plane (Dave finds this very humorous).  And they know a lot about me. They asked a lotttt of questions. But they were nice, so I didn't mind. Doug and Cheryl were on their way to a concert. Doug told me "You're never too old to rock."
  2. Albuquerque to Dallas - I didn't get off the plane in Albuquerque, it was just a stop. But when the plane landed this little old woman I had talked to when we were boarding in Salt Lake moved to come sit next to me. She was very old, and very kind. She also asked a lot of questions. But mostly I think she just wanted to tell me about her grandson who was on a mission. Before the plane took off, we made another friend. She was sitting across the aisle and when she heard I go to school at BYU she wanted to tell me all about her son who just got off his mission and is going there.
  3. Dallas to New Orleans - This was the most quiet ride. When we were boarding the plane This big black man saw a dent near the back of the plane. He told the flight attendant and made sure everything got all checked out. He ended up sitting behind me, so I talked to him for awhile. Then I talked to the woman sitting next to me. She works at a law firm that hires a lot of BYU graduates. After chatting for a bit, I put in my headphones and the lady picked up her book. As I stared out the window, I was thankful that Heavenly Father placed friendly people on my pathway home so that I didn't follow my pity party plan.
Fact: I saw more alcohol being served on the flight from Dallas to New Orleans than on the other two flights combined. Home sweet home.


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