Leaving Provo was hard. Sitting in my empty room with my not goodbye note from Megan (she decided we're saving goodbye for never) and all my stuff packed up with Caroline gone to catch her plane was really, really, REALLY sad. It's like an entire chapter of my life was closing and I was staring at the next page. An empty page. And I didn't know what would fill that page. It was kind of scary. Well, it is kind of scary. But before I could slump into too much of a pity party, Jessica saved the day.

I went out to eat with Jess and her family after her sister and brother-in-law's graduation. Then they helped me move out of the dorms. It's weird to think that that little cinderblock room was my home for an entire school year, and in a strange way I'm going to miss it. Jessica's sister was so kind to let me store some of my stuff at her house over the summer. Such a blessing. After everything was moved, I headed home with Jessica.

Jessica's house is basically fairytale land. Every time I come to visit I get spoiled like crazy. I get to sleep in a big comfy bed and eat the most delicious food ever. Miss Stacy is an amazing cook. Saturday night they had a huge barbecue. I should have taken a picture of the food. It was that good. Good enough for pictures. Mmmm...so delicious. Especially after living off of Cannon food. It was fun to be around a family again. Jessica's family is great, and being around them made me even more excited to see my own family.

We didn't tell Mariah that I was coming to town. Her face when I just showed up at her church was absolutely priceless. After church we had a nice, relaxing day. I needed that. I didn't realize how tired I was until I got away from BYU. I don't think I slept enough this past semester. Thankfully, Jessica let me sleep in and be a lazy bum. It was PERFECT. I'm telling you, Jessica's house = fairytale land. Miss Stacy even made homemade Chinese food for dinner. So yummy!

On Monday, I got to experience the miracle of life. We were driving through the mountains when Mr. Mitch noticed a cow about to give birth. We pulled over on the side of the road and watched the mommy cow push out her little (well, actually it was rather large) baby. It was such a neat experience! We stayed until the little calf was up and walking around. Funny story: when the calf first tried to stand up, he kept face planting in the mud. It was so cute and so hilarious!

Haha, silly Jessica gave me my 18th birthday present and my Christmas present while I was at her house. She is too cute. Stretching out the holidays is the best. Plus my presents were super fantastic. Goodness I love my pal Jessica. She's the greatest.

Spending time in fairytale land with Jessica and her family was so so much fun, but now it's time to go home to MY family :) I can't wait to see them. This summer is definitely going to be one to remember.


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