Sugar Overload

I love having my desk covered in candy, but I think I'm going into sugar overload. Way too many pixie sticks. Fair warning: I am crashing from a sugar high so this post may jump around a lot.

Writing class today was fun. We did a picture scavenger hunt of sorts with our groups. My group won 2 bonus points - whoop! Work was pretty slow today so I had a lot of time to work on our website. I think it's coming along quite nicely. It looks pretty professional, if I say so myself. I like it.

Since I worked on the website for a long time at work, I decided not to work on it this evening. Instead, I worked on my bubble video for art class. It's finished! It turned out pretty cute. Haha, it makes me laugh a lot that I did a ten hour project on BUBBLES. In college. I love my life. I would post the video, but it's too big I think. I tried and it wouldn't work. You'll just have too trust me, it's good stuff. And with the bubble video done, the website for writing is my last assignment before finals (and technically that's kind of part of my wrtg150 final).

This afternoon I did some online shopping. I bought my swimsuit for the summer! I figured I deserved a new swimsuit for working hard all year. Plus I haven't gotten a new one in a couple years and I'll have a pool this summer and will thus need a new swimsuit. I am super excited. I hope it fits and is super cute in person. If not, I guess I can always send it back. I was going to order my summer reading from Deseret Books today (I have a coupon). But one of the books I want is only on pre-sale now so I would have to pay an extra $3.75 or something. Ridiculous. So I'm just going to order the books in a week or two. Save a few bucks.

Tonight we had our ward closing social. We had lots of yummy pizza and watched a slideshow of pictures from this year. Such fond memories. After the slideshow we watched a couple videos people from the ward submitted, and then we just cleaned up and visited. And took pictures. Lots of pictures. I think everyone is starting to feel the end drawing near and wants a billion pictures to remember this incredible year. I'm not complaining. I don't want to forget a thing.

I've noticed that I've started having to put forth a concentrated effort to not mope when I'm with all my friends. I just want to pout and cling to them. I'm going to miss them. But I know that being pouty and clingy would get annoying reallll quick, so I focus on being happy. It's better that way anyway. I don't want to miss out on any fun by moping around.

After the ward activity Greta and Tara came over to watch the Carine video and my bubble video. I love it when people come visit my room :) It's like a party.

I started watching the Emma Smith: My Story movie on Hulu tonight, but I stopped because I can tell my sugar high is fading quickly and I'm about to crash. It's really good so far though. I'm going to try to finish it sometime this week.

Goodnight little blog.


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