Well folks, it is officially summer vacation. For me at least. I took my last finals today. I guess that technically means I can stop blogging, but since I've had over 2,000 views I think I might keep the blog going. Maybe not daily. Maybe not long posts. We'll just see how it goes.

I packed up a lot of my stuff today. Seeing boxes and empty shelves/drawers makes freshman year ending seem even more real. This year really flew by.

One time Thomas told me goodbyes were only good the first time. He was prepping me for the goodbye. He told me he would say goodbye and that would be it. I was supposed to be happy with my goodbye and just accept it. Well, remember how I said goodbye to him yesterday at breakfast? That was supposed to be the goodbye so of course I thought I wouldn't see him for two years. Megan and I were sitting by the fireplace waiting for Carine when Thomas, Mark, and Jesse walked by. Megan and I were both really caught off guard. We weren't supposed to see Thomas again. So much for the one goodbye rule. We said goodbye again. Then a little later, Thomas texted me asking if he could give Megan and I a textbook to give to Dunia. Secretly we know he could have given the book to anyone to give to her, so we know he just wanted a third goodbye. Or that's what we're choosing to believe. The third time was the charm. He's really gone now. As we were leaving his family arrived to pick him up. Thomas has since been set apart and is officially Elder Barlow :) He reports to the MTC tomorrow!

Since we're on summer break, Megan and I decided to go on another long walk this evening. I think we're both anticipating 4 months of being apart so we're trying to get all the time in we can. We have the best talks ever on our walks.

I can't believe this year is over. It has been life changing. I have never been more sure that Heavenly Father knows and loves me. I have seen His hand in my life this year. I am blessed.


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