Thank you, Blog

Old habits die hard. I'm so used to blogging every night that it just seems natural. Maybe I won't let the habit die. Blogging is good for me. It's journaling PLUS I get to tell all my stories. It's hard to believe that this whole blog started with a bonus opportunity in writing150 - a bonus opportunity that really paid off. Remember how I forgot those take-home tests in my writing class? I was so stressed that it would ruin my grade, so I worked very hard in hopes of getting an A- in the class (or at the very least a B+). I worked and worked, slaving over my papers. Each night I diligently blogged. Hard work pays off. I got an A in the class! Not even an A-, an actual A! That's right, thanks to this very blog I got a 4.0 this semester!

Today I realized how much I'm going to enjoy this summer. I went into work for a couple hours and was reminded how much I love my job and my co-workers. Then I hopped in my car and jumped on the interstate. I had forgotten how free it feels to crank up the country station and sing at the top of my lungs. I went into Baton Rouge for a little shopping and got some ridiculously good deals. Yes, I had definitely missed the rush of the receipt saying I saved more than I spent. When I got home I had a yummy plate of jambalya. After dinner, I went down to the pool with Mom and Liv. Then this evening Mercy came over to catch up. Today was a good day. The South is a great place. This is going to be a good summer. I can feel it.


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