Extraordinarily ordinary day

Today was just an ordinary day, but it was also extraordinary. I only worked a half day, so I had the entire afternoon to lounge by the pool. But first I hit the gym. Caroline was so shocked when I sent her the picture of me in the gym. I told her I was running now, but I guess she didn't believe until she got picture proof.

I guess I can't blame her for not believing me. After all, it was only this morning that I gagged at her spinach salad.

Haha, gotta love my Car-Car. The extraordinary part of my run today was that I learned how to turn the tv on in the gym! Turns out I can run a lot longer if I have better entertainment.

After the gym I ran home to read my letter from Elder Thomas Barlow! It was so good to hear from him. Then I put my swimsuit on, grabbed my mom's kindle and headed to the pool. The rest of my day was spent right there at the pool. It was lovely. I read and swam. Not at the same time, obviously. And I even had a couple cute little visitors :) Two girls I used to nanny stopped by to say hi.

Today was completely normal, but completely wonderful. Sometimes it's the little twists in the routine that can turn ordinary days into extraordinary days.


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