A little less wise

DONE. After years of stressing over getting my wisdom teeth out, it is finally over. I ended up taking a valium the night before surgery and another one the morning of. I didn't feel loopy or anything, but I think it helped calm my nerves. It was all good until I got in the chair...then they came at me with that darn IV. Ughhhhh needles. If it hadn't been for the valium, I probably would have freaked and ran out of the room. Instead I just turned the other way. The needle dug into my skin and they kept pushing it further and further in. Ouchhhhh!

One nurse hooked up my monitors while the other started putting the sleepy time medicine into my IV. I had heard stories of people saying that they fell asleep the second the medicine hit, but I just kept waiting and waiting. Nothing. It was weird to see my heart beat showing on the little monitor. Finally the surgeon came in and told them just to give me more sleep stuff. I don't remember anything after that.

When I finally woke up, I remember thinking I was having a seizure. I kept shaking. There was a nurse there and she didn't say anything so I guess that's normal. You know those videos of people who are all funny when they wake up? Evidently I just cry. The nurse asked me why I was crying, but I honestly had no answer. It didn't hurt - I was completely numb. My mom said it broke her heart when they wheeled me out in the wheelchair because I had tears streaming down my face. Haha, silly Lisa.

The worst part (besides the IV) was that I completely starved yesterday. Apple sauce + pain pill = throw up. Jell-o + pain pill = throw up. It was killing me. I was so hungry. Eventually I gave up on the pain pills. I think I only took like 3 of them. For now I'm trying to keep the pain underwraps with ibuprofen. At least I haven't been throwing up. But it does hurt. Very stiff. Not as bad as I imagined it would be though. I can do this.

P.S., don't worry - I'm no longer starving to death. In fact, I even attempted a piece of pizza today. It only took me an entire hour to eat the lil baby piece, but hey at least it was something substantial.


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