Poor Atoms

Mom, Liv and I spent the day down at the pool. We invited Dad, but he was being a party pooper. He doesn't really like coming to the pool. Well, that's what he says. He has fun once we get him there though. After a few hours I started really wanting a snoball. Liv went back up to the apartment and told Dad he had two options: 1. go get us all snoballs or 2. come down to the pool. I thought for sure he would choose the snoball option. I was quite looking forward to it. When Liv presented Dad with his options, he said if we wanted snoballs we would have to go with him. And he wasn't coming to the pool. Livia told Dad she would send me up. Evidently I'm the best negotiator in the family. Dad must've known I'd win, so he told Livia not to send me back up. Instead he chose to just come down to the pool without a fight.

You know that awkward family photo? The pile on one?


Leave it to my family to do something like this. Kind of. We have these pool chair floaties. And we wanted to see how many people we could fit on it. So Dad sat in the chair. Mom sat on him. Me on Mom. Liv on me. It didn't really work. We kept flipping. And everyone else at the pool kept laughing at us. Haha, but we had fun. Livia said she felt sorry for the atoms in our pool chair floaty. She cracks me up.

Memorial Day note: I'm glad I could spend Memorial Day at the pool instead of decorating my brother's grave. His career choice was definitely not a safe one, but I'm thankful there are people like him to keep us safe.


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