Today I was finally able to meet the little munchkin that stole my heart from across the country - Sabra. Even though it was my first time meeting Sabra, I felt like I had met her a million times. Rio (Sabra's mommy) has been so good at keeping me updated and sending lots and lots of pictures. Sabra is one of the strongest people I know. She inspires me. At only five months old she has already been through so much more than me. She makes me feel like a little weenie; here I am freaking out about getting my wisdom teeth out and she's gone through heart surgery!
Sabra re-captured my heart today. Not only is she my hero because of all she's gone through medically, but she is hilarious. That kid knows how to get some smiles. She makes the cutest faces in the history of baby faces. Really.

I also enjoyed getting to talk to Rio. She is one of my favorite people ever - funny how that works, huh? one of my favorite people having one of my favorite babies...must be genetic. Being the ever thoughtful woman that she is, Rio gave me a HUGE jar of apple sauce for after I get my wisdom teeth taken out Thursday.

The rest of my day was spent out to lunch with Mom and then at the pool. Courtney and Katie came over and we shared some pool side laughs. Including Courtney wearing her shorts on her head...don't ask.


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