WARNING: graphic images

Today was my first day back at work. It was good to get out of the house and stop being a lazy bum. I was a bit worried about how I would answer phones and talk all day, but as the day went on my jaw (and stitches) loosened up.

This afternoon I was reminded how blessed I have been to receive a wonderful education. One of our clients at work cannot read or write. I spent some time with him this afternoon reading him legal documents. I can't even begin to imagine not being able to read or write. I'm not an avid reader, and I wouldn't consider myself a writer either, but I am thankful that I can.

Now, back to what I said earlier about talking all day and loosening up those stitches. When I got home from work today another one of my stitches started to come out. This time it was from one of my top wisdom teeth, so I'm not worried about the stitch coming out - those are healing up quite nicely. But only half of the stitch came out. It was just dangling there. Super annoying. It was loooooooong too. I was pretty sure the stitch was going to choke me to death in my sleep tonight, so needless to say I was a little concerned. Here's a picture of the dangler:

Miss Jill wanted to pull it out, but uhh hellooooooo it was still attached and I thought that would be incredibly painful. But it needed to come out. I tried wiggling it with my tongue. No luck. Eventually I ended up upside down with warm water in my mouth hoping it would dissolve faster that way. I don't really know if that works, but after I got tired of chilling upside down I sat up and started tugging at it with my tug. After a while...IT CAME OUT. Look how big that sucker was:

And while I'm on a roll of posting gross pictures, check out the crater in my mouth from where one of my bottom wisdom teeth was (this is the one that the stitch popped on Sunday):

Haha, okay now that I have officially made this the nastiest blog post ever, I guess I'll stop.

P.S., Megan and Greta - I was oh so tempted to put the stitch in the chain letter. But I resisted the urge. Also, sorry I've had that for so long...I'll send it out soon.


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