Da Weekend

This weekend has been quite spectacular. I spent Friday night with the Howard girls (three beautiful little girls that I have been babysitting since before the youngest was even born...and now she's a big kindergartener! Well, first grader now I suppose since school is out - CRAZY!) It was so fun to catch up with them and see how much they've grown. They are seriously the best kids ever. Love them. I was having so much fun with them that we may have stayed up a little...or a lot....past bedtime. Worth it.

Saturday morning I went to the temple with the Baton Rouge and New Orleans stakes YSAs. Then I went home and went into a sugar coma eating homemade cinnamon rolls as big as my head. Ridiculous. So delicious, but seriously coma-inducing. I took a nice long nap.

Today I taught the 6-7 year olds primary class. They are so much fun! I probably enjoyed singing time and sharing time just as much or more than they did - oh, how I've missed "popcorn popping". The most hilarious thing said in sharing time: so this little boy was drawing a picture of his family and he (accidentally I'm sure) left out one of his brothers (who also happened to be in primary). One of the leaders pointed it out and the boy said "This is my eternal family" haha, it was so hard not to laugh. *Note: he did add his brother into the picture later.

I was amazed how well my class behaved. Overall, I think it was a successful day. They seemed to have fun, learn, and even taught me a thing or two! I can't wait to go back next week :)


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