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I've become a little obsessed with yoga. I just love it. It feels so good. I've been doing it every day, but today I just didn't have time. After work I came home, ate dinner, had a video chat with Megan and Chase, took a bath, and then (right when I was about to fo my yoga) Josh called. He's in Utah! I'm so jealous. Of course, he's just driving through so I guess I'm not that  jealous. We talked for a longgg time. I guess he's worth it. New goal: save up money to go to Alaska to visit him sometime in the next 3 years. Anyway, after talking to Josh it was time to watch Dad and I's tv shows. So yes, I missed doing yoga tonight. But I got to talk to some of my favorite people. WORTH IT.

...besides, maybe I can still do yoga before bed :)


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