Well played, Louisiana, well played

I know I should be thankful for the rain. Without it, Louisiana would be even more unbearably hot. But it seems like everyday this week (and according to the woman at the post office, it will continue all through next week) it starts storming exactly when it's time to leave work - which means I have to go outside in the rain.

By the time I got home, it was pouring. I parked the car and grabbed my umbrella. Due to the wind, the umbrella was pretty useless. The rain just blew up under the umbrella. Oh well. I was wearing new shoes, and I didn't want them to get ruined as I swam across the river (aka the street that floods when it rains). I was about to cross over to the building we live in when a very rude car sped by. Evidently they don't know the "pedestrains always have the right of way" rule - which rule is especially true when said pedestrian is standing in the pouring rain and you are sitting, dry, in your car. Not only did they not let me cross first, but they didn't even slow down. In fact, I think they sped up - spraying water everywhere! But, ha ha I jumped back in time to avoid being soaked with your rudeness.

I have to park in visitor's parking


  1. best part of reading this post? i can literally hear your voice saying every word. dang i miss your daily stories in bio and at dinner and such. sorry about all the rain, i feel your pain. love you!

  2. awww :) i miss you and your stories too! and seeing you crush on the TA... LOVE YOU MORE!

  3. funny thing is i haven't even thought about john since leaving school, until you just said that...haha


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