Working Hard or Hardly Working?


I needed to go up in the attic to get a closed file. **side note: the air conditioning has not been working as well as it normally does** At the top of the ladder-thing to the attic, I saw crashed boxes with files everywhere. And a broken air conditioner pipe/tube thing-a-ma-gig. Lovely. Due to the obvious danger hazard (and the extreme importance of my life) I did not go up in the attic. I called the air conditioning people and the air conditioner is now working (too well in my opinion - I'm freezing!!!)


I learned that you can sort of  put a price on love. Legally, that is. Or maybe it's more like putting a price on attention, but I'm pretty sure attention is my "love language" so it's BASICALLY the same thing. I'm probably interpretting it all wrong, but check out this new term I learned:


[kuhn-sawr-shee-uhm, -tee-] 
noun, plural con·sor·ti·a [-shee-uh, -tee-uh] 
1. a combination of financial institutions, capitalists, etc., for carrying into effect some financial operation requiring large resources of capital.
2. any association, partnership, or union.
3. Law . the legal right of husband and wife to companionship and conjugal intercourse with each other: In a wrongful death action the surviving spouse commonly seeks damages for loss of consortium.
Check out number 3--the law definition. Crazy, huh? Money can't buy love, but if you lose that companionship you can sure seek money to soften the blow. Interesting. I kind of like knowing that the legal system recognizes how important it is to be cuddled. I mean, I don't think money would really help if my future hubby was in an accident and could no longer cuddle  me, but it's nice that they care enough to at least try to help out.
Short people problems. Today I was reminded just how vertically challenged I am. With the attic fiasco from Monday all taken care of, it was time to finally venture into the attic. In order to open the attic, I had to get the step ladder to reach for the string to pull down the attic ladder. A ladder to reach a ladder...okay. I then had to try to unfold the attic ladder (which was still much too high for me to reach). Eventually I got the ladder down (not very gracefully, I might add) and retrieved the needed file from the attic. The best part? Trying to close the attic. If watching me fold up the attic ladder wasn't entertainment enough, you should have seen me trying to close the attic door. Don't those things normally snap back up with a little push? Well, not ours. I stood on the step ladder and pushed it was far as it would go, but I couldn't get it to close! I finally resorted to pushing it closed with the broom.  Gotta love the view of the world from 5'2. 


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