Beauty is Pain

I had yet another appointment with Dr. Brantley today. I didn't exactly love him this time. First off, he fussed at me. Whatever. I told him maybe he should make my acne go away faster. He told me he gladly would if I could hand over my hormones. My hormones just made me want to slap him. But it probably wasn't his fault that I was grumpy. My mood probably had to do with pain.

I was finally brave enough to get my wart frozen off. The nurse numbed (most of) my finger - which meant a shot. Livia made sure to remind me how much I hate needles while the nurse stabbed me. She's so helpful. Then Dr. Brantley blasted my wart. Although I was numb, it still wasn't comfortable. And part of my finger wasn't numbed and he had to blast that part too, so it hurt real good. And it continued to hurt for quite a while.

But now all is well. And in 2-3 weeks, my finger will be good as new :)


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