Because Two People Fell in Love

Once upon a time, a woman met a man at a church activity. She thought he was a rude because he was making fun of some girl (who he insists deserved it). It didn't take long though before he won her over. He lived in Ohio, and she in Indiana. This meant there was a lot of mileage put on their cars. But it was worth it. The woman was thinking of serving a mission, but the young lad talked her into waiting to see what happened with them before she went running off on a mission. A few pizzas and several trips to the rollerskating rink later, they were married for time and all eternity at the LDS temples in Washingston D.C.

Just think - if Dad hadn't proposed...or Mom hadn't said yes...I wouldn't be here! And you wouldn't be reading this very blog! So, thank you Mom and Dad for getting married. And thanks for having me :) I rather like having y'all as parents.

Happy anniversary!


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