Today was a busy, wonderful day. I spent the majority of my day "working" (aka reading Pride and Prejudice) with a brief intermission during which I went to the eye doctor (yeap, another doctor - welcome to my life this summer). BUT, the most exciting part of my day didn't happen until this evening.

Livia and I had the blessing of watching Sabra tonight! We had so much fun with her. I think I sang little Sabra every song in the Children's Songbook and she sang right along (of course, her singing was more cooing) until she fell asleep.

She is such a beautiful and happy baby! It really was a joy to spend the evening with her. It made me think a lot about my future mommy days. I am so excited! I love that so many mommy's let me borrow their babies so I can practice being a mommy :)

When we got home, Livia and I had three big bags of hand-me-down clothes to go through! Okay, really they were intended for Livia, but I stole some...a lot... Is it bad that it gives me great pleasure to get hand-me-downs from junior high girls when I'm in college?


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