Dino Pals 4Life

Today after work I headed over to Courtney's house. Courtney and I have been best friends, dino pals, since sixth grade (more or less, haha). Her boyfriend, Brandon, has been away on a mission trip in China, but he is coming home on Saturday. She is so super excited to see him and wanted to have a plethora of nutella goodies waiting for him. Unfortunately, Courtney isn't exactly a baker extraordinaire. That's where I come in. According to Courtney, Brandon is very lucky that he has an amazing girlfriend and a Lisa, haha.

While we were busy baking, my mom and dad were calling and texting me like crazy. They were worried because I didn't come home from work. In my defense, I told them during FHE that I was going to Court's on Thursday after work. And I'm still not really used to having to check in with people. I mean, Caroline didn't care what time I got home (okay, she did freak out once when I didn't come home until late but for the most part I didn't have to tell her my schedule). Lucky for them I eventually checked my phone and calmed their fears.

Courtney rewarded me for my baking help with a delicous dinner. We spent the rest of the evening talking about our future weddings (her's may be very soon :) yayyyy!) Courtney and Ms. Rena both fell in love with my wedding dress. It's mine. Really. I don't care if some other girl is wearing it in the pictures and it was custom made for her, it's mine. Ahhhh! It made me so excited to get married. I love my future hubby :) Whoever he is, I love him.


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