Such a Woman

Church today was really something. Brother Bonnette (our Sunday school teacher) is a wonderful teacher. He is able to answer difficult comments/questions with ease and such poise. At the end of class today, he bore powerful testimony. It made me want to yell out "Preach it, Brother! Amen!", but we don't really do that in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so I held back. The lesson in Relief Society was amazing too. Such a great day at church.

Well, there was also some weird mixed in there. Unusual questions. And comments.
The above picture is a picture of the outfit I wore to church today. It's a pretty normal outfit for me, but today it attracted a weird comment. A man (and no, he didn't say it to be creepy - I just think it is, so don't judge him. he's not a creeper) came up to me after church and complimented my outfit and told me it made me look like a woman. Not a little girl anymore. Haha, I must admit I found the comment really strange. I know it was just supposed to be a compliment. was weird. Especially since it wasn't someone I talk to much at church.

Anywayyyyy, after church I did Liv's hair and makeup. We were just playing around, but Mom really liked it and gave Liv permission to wear mascara in junior high (little does Livia know that I was wearing full on makeup in junior high...) I caught Livia looking in the mirror, "is this a glimpse of the future? if so, i like it!" Hahahahaha, of little Liv.


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