Half a Century


Today is my mom's 50th birthday! Can you believe it? That's a loooong time to be alive. I've been giving her grief about how old she is all day, but it's only because I love her. If we didn't get along so well, I wouldn't dare tease her. But because she is not only my mother, she is also my friend, I feel 100% comfortable dishing out the old woman jokes.

To celebrate Mom being "over the hill" I wore black. We went to lunch (although that was also a celebration of Liv's last day of summer...school starts tomorrow!). The real celebration started once I was home from work. I cooked dinner (chicken tortilla soup - her request) and Liv made her a yummy cookie cake. Joe, Kori, and Pierson came over to join in the party. Pierson loved  the '50' balloon I got for Mom. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, sang, and watched Mom open her present. After presents I quizzed the family on some 1962 trivia. It was fun to see how much things cost 50 years ago compared to today! Fun fact: The Beverly Hillbillies was the new hit show the year my mom was born, hahahaha. After the blast from the past trivia, I surprised Mom with a slideshow/video I had made of pictures of her. While she was in Indiana with Grandma, I broke into her memory trunk and scanned a bunch of old pictures. It was fun compiling my 50 favorites to set to music and suprise her with.

Happy 50th birthday to the best mommy a girl could ask for. A mom who not only does my laundry, but listens to me whenever I feel like talking. A mom who will stay up as late as I want her to just because I have a funny story to tell. A mom who cleans the house and cooks yummy dinners. A mom who gives advice, but isn't pushy. A mom who cares, but doesn't smother. A mom that understands I don't want anyone to talk to me, hug me, or really interact with me at all in the morning. A mom whose smile lights up the room. A mom who is a great example. A mom who serves others every waking moment. A mom who showed me what love really means.

Happy birthday Mom. I love you.


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