You know how teachers always tell you to title your paper after you write it? I hate that. It's next to impossible for me to start a blog post (even if I know exactly what I want to write...which most of the time isn't the case by the way) until I've titled it. It's always a challenge. So "ka-cha!" - it has a double meaning:
1. I'm listening to a playlist I named "ka-cha!"
2. I had bruised knuckles earlier this week. I'm assuming I fought a ninja in my sleep.
Classes were really good today. I enjoy class. Outside of class work...not so much. But class? Love it. Here are some fun/interesting things I learned today:
  • For 2 centuries (I think it was the 3rd-5th century) everything was written in all caps with no spaces between words. Brother Johnson showed us an example from one of the earliest manuscripts of the Bible. It was in Greek, so obviously I wouldn't have been able to read it anyway, but it looked super confusing. Just imagine translating that! GODISNOWHERE is one example Bro. Johnson gave us. God is nowhere, or God is now here? Big  difference!!!
  • Theoretically, if you shot a cannon ball fast enough from the top of a high enough mountain it would never hit the ground because gravity would pull it down and the curve would be the curve of the earth, so the cannon ball would just orbit the earth.
  • The 3 doctrinal pillars in the Plan of Salvation (the creation, fall, and atonement) can be used as a metaphor for relationships/marriage. The creation is, of course, when the relationship is formed. At first the relationship may be Garden of Eden-like. Then comes the fall. Things don't go perfectly, and that's God's plan. He wants us to have experiences to help us grow. The atonement in the relationship/marriage metaphor is making up. Reconciling.
Haha, I thought about adding another bullet point about how I learned I'm not athletic tonight at our ward activity, but then I realized I didn't really learn  that today. I've known that for a looooong time. But the activity was still fun! We had a fire/smore/sports night up in the canyon. The more I meet people, the more I love my ward. It's going to be a great year :)
Except for Thursdays. Thursdays will be rough. Here's to being on campus from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.! At least there's a football game tomorrow to look forward to :)


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