Leaving home to go home

Well folks, this is it. My last night in Lousiana (until Christmas). I can't say I'm exactly sad to leave. Yes, this is home. But Provo is home too. And yes, my family is here. But I have a Provo family as well. It's time to go back to school and boy oh boy am I excited.

Some highlights from this summer:

Girls's Beach Trip


The Unck girls...and the princess who did not fit in any of the dress-up dresses

my personal favorite, Pierson (my nephew)
 Mom's 50th Birthday

Sweet Southern Storms

The fire alarm going off for THREE HOURS due to above pictured storm

Dad's remedy for the fire alarm problem
 Lots of Letters
note: not all letters are pictured
Brownies and a sweet card from this girl
Lauren...the new me at the attorney's office I work worked for
Livia's Homework

This summer also included reading a bijillion books, getting my wisdom teeth out, getting glasses, finally buying new red heels (sigh...it was time to move on), and a ton of other fun adventures.

But now it's time to move into my big girl apartment. I am about to burst with excitement to see all my Utah friends. This time tomorrow night I'll be with Jessica! And then Saturday I'll be reunited with Megan, Greta, Chloe and I'm sure Caroline will pop in too! 

THE END (of summer that is)


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