So You Think You Can Dance?

After a fun-filled and productive day, Megan talked Greta, Sharnell and I into going country dancing. We got there early for the instruction part and learned 2 line dances, but then it was all this couple stuff...blehhh. When the instruction ended and the real dancing began there were no line dances. NONE! For the entire first half hour!!! We just stood in a back corner and watched people and there amazing country dancing/acrobatic skills. Finally, FINALLY, there were a couple of line dances. But then of course it went right back to couple dances (welcome to Provo - the marriage factory).

It was also extremely hot. Like...Louisiana hot. So we took a break outside and cooled down. When we went back inside we were more towards the front and not in our little back corner. Turns out, if you don't hide you get asked to dance a lot more. Thanks to many good teachers, I learned some pretty sweet moves. I did all kinds of fancy turns and this leaning move and a thing where I had to jump into this guys arms and even a dip where my feet were in the air ( that one kind of freaks me out. I mean, trusting someone you just met not to drop you on your head is a big deal).

On a completely other note, my church doesn't start until 2:00!!! Can you believe that? And we have sacrament last. Weird. The good news is we don't have church on campus. We are in one of the only actual church buildings and it is oh so adorable. Seriously one of the cutest LDS churches I've seen. I'll have to post a picture of it....eventually.


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