Helaman Halls Front Desk, How May I Help You?

Y'all...my job is insane. Really. I just love it. Not only does my boss bring me food sometimes all the time, but I get to see/hear/do some crazy things.

(1) Today a girl came to the front desk flipping out because she accidentally flushed her room key, mail key, rape whistle, flash drive, and Hawaii keychain down the toilet. You read that right - not "dropped her keys in the toilet" FLUSHED! We're talking they went right down the drain. The toilet didn't even clog. Of course I had no earthly idea what I was supposed to do about this, so I called my favorite hall advisor who also had no idea what to do when a girl flushes her keys and her flash drive with all of her schoolwork on it down the drain. Ultimately it ended in a phone call to the police (yeap...I called the police about a toilet). Still waiting to see how this story will end. In the meantime, I will continue avoiding writing my paper (due on Monday) and tell you more crazy work stories.

(2) Naked boy. Okay, so I guess technically he wasn't naked. Boxer boy. See Sunday Best? blog post for the rest of that story.

(3) The fight. I'm exaggerating again. It was an almost fight. I forget if I've already blogged about this or not. Long story short, two smaller boys allegedly were talking about one bigger boy's wife. Bigger boy got angry, smaller boys ran to me (as if I could protect them) and then a hall advisor saved me by taking care of it while I hid behind the desk. Man, another exaggeration. I didn't hide. I just stayed behind the desk not hiding.

(4) THE button. You know those under-the-desk-silent-alarm-emergency buttons that no one ever really gets to push but you always really  want to push? I pushed it. No, not for an emergency. Just a test run. They were working on it during my shift one day and I begged the guy to let me push it. It just wouldn't be fair if he had all the fun.

Okay, that's enough storytelling for now. I should really write my paper.


  1. Lisa I love you! And your blog! Please write more often! Miss art class with you and Rachel too!


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