Jam Sesh

Yet another blog post that I am writing to avoid doing homework. This has to stop. But not tonight :)

Last night we had cake for Megan's birthday (cake made by yours truly, and everyone loved it. man, i am GOOD at making cake out of a box). We invited some guys from our ward and ended up with quite the party. The boys from B11 wrote Megan a birthday song and the party turned into a big jam sesh. We did this German techno where you layer sounds and even had rap crew battles. Such a blast.

In other news, I cranked out an 8(?) page paper today. Due tomorrow. The question mark is because the 8 is questionable/maybe-probably-okay-for-real-more-like-seven. AND I finally did my laundry. I still had clean clothes, but the amount of dirty clothes piling up was getting ridiculous. I hadn't done laundry since I came back to school. Whoops :) On the bright side, I have enough clean clothes right now to clothe a 3rd world country.

Okay. Homework time. For real.


  1. You know what's better than you avoiding homework by blogging..? Me avoiding homework by READING your blog! :) Love you!


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