Life in a Provo Singles Ward

I love my ward. I really do. The people are fantastic. But let me just tell ya, it is most definitely a Provo singles ward. Today the majority of the ward received callings (I got called as a visiting teacher supervisor). This is not a joke:  our ward has a dating committee. It's a legit calling. For real. It's one of those callings I would like to avoid if possible, but it is a calling. When Bishop Harward asked for a sustaining vote for those called to the dating committee he said, "It's no secret. We want you to get married." Ohhhhhh Provo, the only place in the U.S. where you can be in your twenties and an old maid.

Other marriage/love stories of the day (I'm telling you...Provo single life is SURROUNDED by lovers/talk of how you need to find a mate):
  • David and Matt came over to watch the CES devotional with us and before it started David said "Well, who wants to bet it'll be about marriage?" Haha, it wasn't.
  • Jeff gave a spiritual thought at ward prayer on love. Kevin said it was because they have to squeeze in marriage/love lessons whenever possible.
  • Alan came over after ward prayer to talk to Alena and I about relationships and dumb people.
  • A girl a couple doors down got engaged yesterday and came by this morning to show us the ring and tell the story.
  • Chloe is convinced I'm going to marry a certain someone in the ward. No, I do not like him. No, I do not even really know him. But Chloe is convinced. She's been reminding me about it every day and every time we see him.
Yes, I definitely live in Provo, Utah in a ward of RMs.


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