Naked Boy Strikes Again

Normally I don't blog twice a day, but this is absolutely necessary. NAKED BOY CAME BACK....NAKED. Again, naked is an exaggeration. He was wearing boxers. The same boxers as last time. That's right: same boy, same boxers, same level of nakedness. Only this time he had the loaner key still so I couldn't even give him a key. Luckily Jay happened to be here (which never happens on a Saturday) so he was able to escort the young man back to his room and unlock his door. Jay is pretty sure he is just trying to seduce me. Note: picking up a girl by locking yourself out of your room naked does NOT have a high success rate. 0 for 2 to be exact.

After that traumatic experience, Jay made some random boy go buy me ice cream like a little kid who just got back from the doctor's office. I'm going to need therapy after this job.


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