Sunday Best?

The dress and grooming of both men and women should always be modest, neat, and clean, consistent with the dignity adherent to representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and any of its institutions of higher education. Modesty and cleanliness are important values that reflect personal dignity and integrity...
-BYU Honor Code

Sundays at the Cannon are nice and quiet. I read my scriptures, write missionary letters, do some indexing...basically everything I would do on a Sunday morning if I wasn't at work. Usually, nothing exciting happens. But today, a boy came to get a loaner key (he was locked out) in his boxers. Who does that? Who just walks around highly public areas in their underwear?! I mean, yes, he was locked out, but seriously? Ask someone if you can borrow some shorts and a shirt! Or get your RA to let you in! Don't just saunter up to the desk mostly naked.

In above mentioned boy's favor, I will say he followed the "clean" part of the honor code quite well since he had obviously just taken a shower. So props to naked boy for showering, but next time remember your room key.


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