Tender Mercies

Do you ever have days where you are just very aware of how well Heavenly Father knows your wants and needs? Today was a day like that.

Thursdays are supposed to be terrible. It is my scheduled "bad day". I figure if I schedule one bad day a week, I'll know to be prepared to be cranky/stressed/tired and I can be bubbly/happy/energetic the rest of the week. Well, I guess I'm just meant to love Thursdays just as much as every other day of the week, because even though today was incredibly busy, I can't complain about a single thing.

I have an 8 o'clock lab on Thursday mornings. Yuck. But, I made it to class on time. AND we finished our homework in class. WIN.

My next class of the day was World Religions. My professor is very Korean. Sometimes it makes me chuckle to see the way he writes on the bored. He writes in English, but sometimes it looks like a foreign language because of the way he forms his letters. I'll have to take a picture of the board sometime. Anyway, I just really like that class.

Work today was pretty great. We had a staff meeting and those are always pretty entertaining, then, Jay brought me a chicken sandwhich for lunch. Evidently Arby's was giving them away as a promotion. Seeing as I don't have time for a hot meal (or any meal really) on Thursdays, the scrumptious sandwich was definitely a tender mercy. Especially so since I had to work late and didn't have time to eat before my evening class.

My Psych220 class is two and a half hours long. That is a very long time to sit and not fall asleep. Tender mercy? Mucho attractive boy in the class. Do I ever plan on talking to said boy? No, he's not my type. But he definitely makes class a little better just by his presence. Also, I am in a really good group for a group presentation in a few weeks. Big plus. To top it all off, we got out of class 15 minutes early.

On my walk home from pysch it was just starting to sprinkle. I didn't have an umbrella with me, so I walked real fast. Not long after I got home, the sprinkle turned into rain. Oh the tender mercy of getting out of class early enough to make it home before the downpour.

Following the rain was my favorite tender mercy of the day: a HUGE double rainbow! I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing because it was too big! Both rainbows were complete. I could see from end to end. Absolutely breathtaking.

Due to yet another tender mercy (the Lord helping me finish all completely, absolutely, neccessary homework yesterday) I was able to spend the remainder of my evening at Divine Comedy auditions with Megan, Greta, Chloe, Alena, and Kevin. It was hilarious. And free. Two of my favorite things.

When we got home, somehow it turned into a dance party. Yeap, B38 is the place to be.

Basically, I love my life. I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who blesses me in ways that are personal and that help me feel His love.


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