Answered Prayers

Do you ever have one of those light bulb moments? A moment where something suddenly makes sense - even if you haven't been thinking about it lately. Well ladies and gents, I just had one of those moments. And this time it was an intense enough moment to stop writing my Psych paper and blog about it instead.

He is listening and answering. In record time!

I first realized this when thinking about family history. This morning I prayed that I would be able to find family members who need their temple work done. I went about my busy day and I guess I forgot about that prayer. After work, I finally sat down and did some research; two hours later - BAM! 4 names ready to take to the temple. Answered prayer.

Then I started thinking about the whole mission age thing. Remember my first blog post about the new mission ages and how I was a little frustrated that I didn't feel the need to go? Well, I decided that it was really silly of me to be frustrated because I got my "no" so quickly. I should have been rejoicing  that my prayers asking whether or not I should go were answered so quickly! My prayer was answered so quickly that it took me weeks to recognize my prayer was answered.

Basically, today is the best day ever. Receiving and recognizing answers to prayer is 999999999999999x better than getting mail. And I really love mail.


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