Dances and Dates

Okay, the title of this post is a bit misleading. But Dance and Date doesn't sound as good as Dances and Dates. Anywayyyyy, this has been a fabulous weekend.

On Friday, we scrambled to put together Halloween costumes for a dance. We've known we were going to this dance for at least a week, but we still waited until the last possible second to make our costumes. And by last possible second I mean we didn't even finish our costumes until an hour after the dance started. And by finish I mean I didn't even really finish, it was just at an acceptable level of could-pass-for finished. Sadly, the sequins did not make it on my tail feathers. But don't worry, they will make it on there for Halloween.
Mexican rancher and a peacock
flamingo and peacock
The dance was so so much fun. I shook my tail feathers and had a blast. By the end, I was simply exhausted. We were dreading going back to our apartment because we were all so tired and we knew the house was a wreck (putting together costumes = craft stuff covering every surface of the entire apartment). Thanks to some awesome teamwork, we cleaned up in record time. And then of course we watched Parenthood.

On Saturday night I went on a double date with Ben and Richard and Karlin. Little piece of Lisa's inner shy side: dates make me nervous. No matter who it is. I get so freaked out. Not in a bad way, I just always think it's going to be super awkward - even though I don't think I've ever been on a super awkward date. Anyway, it was not awkward haha. We had a lot of fun. We carved huge pumpkins and made homemade root-beer and roasted pumpkin seeds (yum!).
I am really proud of how well our pumpkin turned out. Best jack-o-lantern ever? I'd say so. And to top the night off, when I got home my roomies wanted to watch Parenthood! I love it when they want to watch Parenthood (which is every single day now that I've got them hooked).

Too bad I never sleep. But hey, I have the rest of my life to sleep...right?


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