Gen Con

Gen Con. General Conference. Four sessions. Plus Priesthood session. Two hours each. Prophets. Apostles. The Word of God. Best weekend ever (until the next one at least).

This was the first General Conference that I felt really spiritually prepared for. In the time leading up to conference, my roommates and I had been praying to be prepared. We studied the scriptures together and tried really hard to have the Spirit in our home. Intentional preparation made all the difference. I think this conference would have been memorable anyways with the mission age announcement, but because we were ready to receive personal revelation, every talk was more meaningful.

Moral of the story? Conference is the best thing ever. Especially when you listen to conference prepared to receive whatever the Lord wants to give you.

Now let's talk about this mission age business. First off, let me tell ya a little bit about the atmosphere in an apartment of 19-24 year old girls during that announcement.
Tears. Lots and lots and lots and lots of tears. Alena already planned on serving a mission next semester (she turns 21 in February), so for her this announcement meant she could leave a month or two early. She was joyous. Greta and Megan were also very tearful. Will they go? To be determined. Chloe plans on serving, but thinks she'll wait until she's 21 still. Me? Well...

Oh course when they first announced the new mission age I wanted to go immediately. I was ready to pack my bags, put on a name tag and serve the Lord. The more I've thought and prayed about it, the less I feel the need to go. I am still 100%  open to serving a mission. Now or later. Whenever the Lord wants to go. If  He wants me to go. It seems like every girl in Provo wants to serve a mission now, and honestly it was a little hard to come to terms with the fact that it doesn't feel like I'm supposed to go on a mission. I just couldn't understand why everyone else felt so strongly about going on a mission and it wasn't like that for me. But, I told the Lord I would do His will. And if He needs me here, I'll stay. Maybe the Lord has another type of mission in store for me. We shall see.


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