I finally transferred pictures from my phone to my computer (you would think I would do that more often) and I realized there are a lot of things I haven't blogged about! So, here goes. Prepare yourself for the most random blog post ever.

Watching concerts from the top of parking garages is fun.
My apartment is fantastic. We love each other so much! Other apartments don't sit together at ward prayer. We ALL sit together. Even if it means 6 people on 1 couch.
BYU is dangerous.
We can fit lots of people into our tiny pantry. We plan on fitting more in there next time.
Sometimes BYU football is vicious and multiple people from the other team get sent off in ambulances...in the first quarter.
We like football. 
p.s., the guy behind us kept "dropping" his pocket knife in our direction. He said he wasn't throwing it at us, but it was still a little frightening. Eventually his girlfriend took it from him.
There was an oven fire in someone's apartment on the first floor. Firetrucks lined the block. It really wasn't even a big deal, but it was fun and exciting.
It has been a pretty rainy semester (in Utah standards).
But, that means there has also been an abundance of rainbows!
I have the cutest roommates. I came home from classes on the first cold day of the semester to find this sweet little note on the door. Yes, this is real life. I really DO have the best apartment ever.
Megan and I found this little gem in an office at the church building. 

Other happenings: we blew some stuff up in my science class. I have a video, but it would take too long to upload and I'm impatient. Also, IT SNOWED! Don't worry, it all melted. So it is still partially fall. But winter is creeping in.

Life is wonderful.


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